Antipode [noun]

Definition of Antipode:

A direct or extreme opposite.


the direct opposite of something.

Synonyms of Antipode:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antipode:


Sentence/Example of Antipode:

Angelica often gets into heated conversations with Duane, her ideological antipode.

He is our young Quaker antipode, mentioned in another chapter.

It does not, however, attain the dimensions of its antipode, rarely exceeding those of a large shrub.

Oh, that's his antipode, of courteous race, The man of bows and ever-smiling face.

But the position of the secretary was the absolute antipode of this tranquil and festive sinecure.

Would not this science be the antipode (some would say antidote) of the mystic dreams of Plato and of Delsarte himself?

She was my greatest friend, of the feminine gender:—when I say 'friend,' I mean not mistress, for that's the antipode.

The present governor, Sir Lionel Smith, is the antipode of his predecessor in every worthy respect.

Charles Wesley's hymn is the antipode of Newton's in metre and movement.

He had always been a dignified, peaceable, and quiet man—the very antipode of a fire-eater.

Susannah Wesley, mother of John Wesley, was in most respects the perfect antipode of her husband.