Obverse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Obverse:

The reverse of the sheet contained a will exactly like that on the obverse.

This truth is likewise testified to on the obverse aspect of psychology.

The laws of Art are the laws of Life, read smaller on the obverse.

This name was given them from the legend, on the obverse, iam.

They bear on the obverse the head of the king with the usual mural crown surmounted by a crescent and inflated ball.

Now this lady and her husband were in obverse relative positions.

I don't think nature intended to have them the obverse of men.

It is a good omen if the coin falls with the obverse upwards.

In the same volume there is a passage which may be said to present the obverse of this idea.

On the obverse side was represented a city, with this inscription, Golden Rome.