Chumminess [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chumminess:

Ive always wondered at your chumminess with him, said Nelson slowly, reseating himself.

That is due to the chumminess or the affinity of iron with oxygen.

Her friendship with Lily Pendleton was not like the chumminess of other girls.

She took Miss Maxwell for a sleigh-ride, but they did not make much progress toward chumminess.

As her reception of Paul's sister was not conducive to chumminess, Paul did not bring Linda again.

American officers got along well with the French but they never reached the same degree of chumminess that the men did.

I will do my best to be a good wife to you—but chumminess is not mine to give, nor can I promise ever to be your dicky-bird.

This special and understood chumminess is not allowed to our President.

He was a jolly man, given to oratory and to chumminess with the arts.

A state of chumminess between persons of opposite sex and suitable ages is more or less in the line of Nature.