Vulgarian [adjective]

Definition of Vulgarian:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vulgarian:

Sentence/Example of Vulgarian:

Then he thought of his own sister married to that vulgarian, Friedland.

Did not you marry a low creature,—a vulgarian, a tradesman's daughter?

"You see, Hycy, the vulgarian will come out," said his mother.

Did not you marry a low creature—a vulgarian—a tradesman's daughter?

She had the true instinct of it; while I was always a bit of a vulgarian.

If she offers them every luxury and is not polite, she is a snob and a vulgarian.

Only a vulgarian talks ceaselessly about how much this or that cost him.

This sounds like a contradiction of the criticism of the vulgarian.

Moreover, he is no vulgarian like Nordau, lecturing in a muddy pathological jargon about subjects completely over his head.

The vulgarian's pleasure lies not in the article itself so much as in the price paid for it.