Dissembler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dissembler:

I have seen many as young brawlers and spendthrifts, but never as young and accomplished a dissembler.

Balboa was something of a dissembler himself on occasion, as you will see.

In everything he was apt, in war as well as in diplomacy, marvellously adroit, and a consummate dissembler.

It was with a pang at his heart that he returned to his old thought of her being possibly a finished coquette and dissembler.

He is the arch-deceiver, the master sophist, the prime dissembler, the prince of hypocrites.

He was something of a dissembler, was the skipper—when his blood was cool.

To affect to doubt this is to prove yourself a dissembler, an impostor, a black-hearted enemy of the people.

Further, this man has been Prime Minister, and he idolizes you; whence it follows that he must be a profound dissembler.

Lady Jane Douglas had therefore—thanks to her fanaticism and the teachings of the priests—become a complete dissembler.

As Dyvorer was a great dissembler, and Ranier was frank and unsuspicious, they became very intimate.