Atavism [noun]

Definition of Atavism:

return to a former state

Synonyms of Atavism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atavism:

Sentence/Example of Atavism:

"Atavism can hardly explain a roaming animal with teeth and claws and sanguinary instincts," interrupted Maloney with impatience.

Atavism, perhaps, the content to be just man again, following mans instinct to survive among the fittest.

Perforce, because he was born in our horde he stayed with us; but in actuality he was an atavism and his place was elsewhere.

The instinct of love is, I suppose, so fiercely primitive in us that under its tyranny we are subjected to some moral atavism.

Besides, I've got a lake up there in which we can indulge in a little atavism to the fish stage of evolution.

For feminism, in a sense, is a return to atavism, and sex antagonism and sex attraction are functions of the same thing.

A thousand persons agree with an article about atavism in orang-outangs and ten thousand more quite refute it.

This form of atavism requires not only pity but further and better repression at the hands of capable police.

Then she read "Atavism," and her little highly bred face looked savage!

Against this atavism, against this bright and inalienable joy in life, the patres of Sainte-Barbe could do nothing.