Ephemera [noun]

Definition of Ephemera:

person accommodated, given hospitality

Synonyms of Ephemera:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ephemera:

Sentence/Example of Ephemera:

Oh yes, we can all bear it; and by so much we ephemera get back our lost significance, our sovereignty.

The tail of some species of the genus Ephemera is furnished with three long, jointed, hairy bristles.

At the spot of our encampment, as soon as the shades of night closed in, we were visited by hordes of ephemera.

The cut represents the circulation in the vessels of the larva of an Ephemera.

The best known is Ephemera vulgata, of which the sub-imago is called the "green drake," and the imago the "grey drake" by anglers.

Man, the latest of the ephemera, is pitifully a creature of temperature, strutting his brief day on the thermometer.

The larvæ of the famous green drake (Ephemera vulgata) are like these: but we shall not find them.

Whosoever will, may find the great controversy fully discussed in the pages of Ephemera.

His three hundred and sixty-five years were now as the single day of the Ephemera.

The same thing was repeated through whole generations of ephemera, and all of them felt equally merry and equally happy.