Subsistence [noun]

Definition of Subsistence:

provisions for survival

Synonyms of Subsistence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsistence:

Sentence/Example of Subsistence:

After this their subsistence was procured exclusively by hunting.

Their children had diminished no other's share, each had come with his or her own means of subsistence.

From what source, then, do you get your means of subsistence?

On the sale of his poetical works he is wholly dependent for subsistence.

Fowls and goats seem the only other means of subsistence of these people.

In this cupboard the grandfather kept everything that he needed for his subsistence.

I can see no difficulty in our procuring a subsistence here.

It could be done by employees, during their time away from their subsistence jobs.

The first was never to have any certainty of his means of subsistence for the morrow.

We find it recorded there, how these people spend their time and obtain their subsistence.