Livelihood [noun]

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Back in April, Togo launched a social welfare program using digital cash transfers as the government tried to help informal workers whose livelihoods had been disrupted by the pandemic and the accompanying lockdown.

The Democratic Party now has a crucial opportunity to join our fight and use their platform to ensure private equity can no longer destroy the livelihoods of workers left and right without any accountability.

It’s a monumental failing that we have made restaurant owners and workers choose between their livelihoods and their lives.

Yet heritage is essential for social wellbeing, for identity creation, for safeguarding traditional knowledge and livelihoods and for sustainable development.

Every generation of online creators has been through some version of this crisis, with corporate decisions destroying their livelihoods or fracturing their communities.

It leaves the Somali livestock industry at a crossroads and will likely lead to tens of thousands losing their livelihoods.

Instead, we are desperately trying to save businesses, jobs and all the livelihoods that are attached to them.

That means public health can come at the expense of people’s privacy and livelihoods.

He was used to finding himself suddenly cut off from the means of livelihood.

I judge that of nearly thirty thousand people who live here not ten thousand have any regular employment or means of livelihood.