Repairs [noun]

Definition of Repairs:

restoration, fixing

Synonyms of Repairs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repairs:

Sentence/Example of Repairs:

To be clamoured at for repairs studied for, rather than really wanted?

There was work to be done there, some repairs, which he had intended to start early that morning.

Repairs and renovations other than those of the railway system were necessary.

Formaketh, literally adopted from the Flemish vermaect, repairs.

If it gets broken, send it to none but a first-class machinist for repairs.

The Alliance was reluctantly sold in 1785 to save the expense of repairs.

And on the seventeenth of May the repairs on the "Cap'n Abner place" were completed.

Also, when repairs had to be done, they hired a carpenter to make them.

But the instant Arnold repairs the breakdown, your little experiment is over!

The cover may or may not have been attached to the element, depending on how repairs have been made.