Guarding [verb]

Definition of Guarding:

protect, watch

Synonyms of Guarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guarding:

Sentence/Example of Guarding:

There were but five hundred men guarding the important post of Jefferson City.

This storm blew them off their intended course to two capes which appeared guarding a huge bay.

The French windows of the library might be the one avenue of escape which McGinty's thinly spread men were not guarding.

Again they started on the run, and did not stop until they were halted by the picket guarding the road.

Let us join together silently in guarding Maude's good name, and in burying the past.

Guarding the door was one of the watchmen, who, from his great physique, might well have been a policeman out of livery.

The dealer's partner may take no part in the play of the hand beyond guarding the dealer against revoking.

Tom partially avoided the blow by stepping back and guarding his face with one arm.

With the ancients, oaths were employed in guarding as efficiently as they could the public conscience and the public security.

Overhead still wheeled the circle of guarding disks, manned, I knew, by the inexperienced priest-like insect men.