Consumption [noun]

Definition of Consumption:

devouring; use

Synonyms of Consumption:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consumption:

Sentence/Example of Consumption:

This will put a lid on overall consumption recovery as the low-income population far outnumbers high-income ones.

China in recent years has made concerted efforts to focus its economy less on trade, and more on goods and services for domestic consumption.

A sharp increase in consumption — and a dip in savings — in China and India helped the world economy recover after 2008.

Narayan believes that China’s domestic consumption could pick up sooner than India’s, and that consumption could support global growth.

Data from Apple News’ ad-supported side suggests more consumption may be responsible.

Life in lockdown led to a huge uptake in media consumption, including a 44% worldwide increase in social media use according to Statista.

Media consumption is spiking as so many scour their laptops, phones, and tablets for information about which businesses are open, what products and services they can access nearby, and how businesses are adjusting to the “new normal”.

In this time of the coronavirus, TV experiences a dramatic surge in viewing – TV video content consumption has climbed 60% higher on all devices for streaming Smart TVs, and mobiles including.

Buildings account for 40 percent of total energy consumption in the US, compared to 32 percent for industry and 28 percent for transportation.

The negativity bias is not confined to our media consumption.