Fasting [verb]

Definition of Fasting:

go without food

Synonyms of Fasting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fasting:






Sentence/Example of Fasting:

He was exceedingly religious, and up to the time of his marriage had led a life devoted to prayer, fasting, and warfare.

The prophet describes the judgments that shall fall upon the people, and invites them to fasting and prayer.

The people inquire concerning fasting: they are admonished to fast from sin.

Trance and ecstasy were the two avenues he knew to divinity; fasting and seclusion the means employed to discover them.

The thing that strikes me,” began Roger, “is that he may be like those men sent to the house of God to inquire about fasting.

They might better study his revealed will than seek to find a new answer to this question of fasting.

I have been fasting since the beginning of the world, and not the better thereof am I.' 'Making genuflexions,' says Moling. '

Come home, then, and let us set apart a season of fasting and prayer to God, and do what is most agreeable to him.

Why, good gracious, said his lordship, he might as well claim exemption from fasting in Paradise!

Yes, replied the Doctor, we read, This kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer.