Valuation [noun]

Definition of Valuation:


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Sentence/Example of Valuation:

Simply that if you will, I shall be glad to buy it at your own valuation.

Mind counts in the valuation of offspring as well as physical qualities.

See here, Palla,” he said roughly, “suppose I accept you at your own valuation!

I accept his substance at his own valuation, but I want to know what he makes of it.

"I am content to take it at your own valuation," Ralph said.

He shall take it at the valuation he placed upon it--four hundred francs.

He had to a large extent been accepted by the country at their valuation.

His own society had never accepted him at his own valuation.

Had even his first valuation of the slave been a sufficient one?

And his resentment of the valuation was under control so far.