Stopped [adjective]

Definition of Stopped:

at a halt

Synonyms of Stopped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stopped:


Sentence/Example of Stopped:

At sunset he would have stopped for the day, camping on the spot.

As the waiter would have refilled the glasses, Blythe stopped him.

If the West stopped producin' men fur you, you'd be as bad off as if it stopped producin' food.

He was stopped by a policeman, who demanded, "Whose bag is that, Johnny?"

They stopped short in surprise at the sight of Robert and Bates.

Perhaps it would have been better if it had stopped, but you see it has not.

Then he stopped, tore off his shirt, and ripped it with his right hand and his teeth into strips.

She stopped the running and meditated with a steady, hard deliberation.

I wanted to ask after the boy, but there was a look in her face that stopped me.

There was a wild yell; Andrew was stopped in mid-air by a rifle thrust into his stomach.