Winner [noun]

Definition of Winner:

someone or something that succeeds

Synonyms of Winner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Winner:

Sentence/Example of Winner:

He objects to everything, an' some day that'll land him a winner, see?

The distance was 150 kilometres equivalent to 94 miles, and the winner's time of 1h.

Here were written names, and among them, "Creon, son of the Olympic winner Menon."

He had the three games out of five and was winner of the pentathlon.

It seemed he couldn't lose, and he was as unpleasant a winner as he was a loser.

Yet there I was being collected by the winner at so early an hour as half-after seven.

Their only chance is to bargain with the winner at the right moment.

Rumania, however, could not yet make up her mind which was going to be the winner.

The bird which reached home first was to be declared the winner.

The winner among the Medes was Artabazus, the horse he rode being a gift from Cyrus.