Obscuration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Obscuration:

Believe in a future and banish that gross obscuration of you.

Far and nigh Mystery and obscuration none, Yet nowhere any moon or sun!

These are frequently attended by obscuration of vision or temporary blindness.

That they both refer to the temporary eclipse, seclusion, or obscuration of a brilliant being, is evident.

He diffused sweetness and light in an era marked by bitterness and obscuration.

How long that obscuration shall last, is known only to the power that directs all human events.

As they came on in numbers too great for Ipley to stand against, an obscuration fell over all.

Recent observations of these eclipses, through glass of different colors, show variations in the time of obscuration.

Despite the obscuration of imperfect dominance, polydactylism in poultry proves itself to be a unit-character that segregates.

Before the end of the obscuration, another appeared on the right where the sun was about to emerge.