Cuckoo [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cuckoo:

Among the variety of birds, several black cockatoos and the pheasant cuckoo were seen.

A lovely bracket of carved wood fixed to the wall held a cheap cuckoo-clock from Switzerland.

Suddenly he takes out his pipe, plays "cuckoo" to himself very solemnly, and is immensely relieved thereby.

Soon a cuckoo called from the distance and in a few moments the caravan was ready to move on.

Cuckoo Peter has read in the holy books that 'the goods of the sinner are reserved for the just!'

You do treat me like a child indeed, when you sing over and over to me a cuckoo song that I care not a copper-filing for.

Here at 14,000 feet we saw the common cuckoo sitting on a telegraph wire and calling vigorously.

A cuckoo started a soft mocking; and close to the carriage a lark flew up.

At stated periods it makes a noise exactly like a cuckoo clock.

The young cuckoo flung himself out on the grass and went awkwardly amongst the blue bells.