Clock [noun]

Definition of Clock:

timekeeping device

Synonyms of Clock:

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Sentence/Example of Clock:

The body clock shifts, making it easier to stay up late and harder to wake early.

This clock can distinguish between different colors of light.

In the future, even more precise atomic clocks could provide further information about what makes the universe tick.

They had bedrooms next to the rooms where their animals were being deprived so they could monitor around the clock.

So the merchants of bad, as we call them, are just going at us around the clock trying to sell us their wares.

So the brain was compared to a counting machine, to a clock.

This week, most of the United States moved their clocks back one hour as Daylight Saving Time ended.

The night wore on, and the clock downstairs was striking the hour of two when she suddenly awakened.

The clock struck ten, and clerks poured in faster than ever, each one in a greater perspiration than his predecessor.

As it came near, it proved to be the clock, with a sail hoisted, and the Goblin sitting complacently in the stern.