Frequency [noun]

Definition of Frequency:

commonness, repetitiveness

Synonyms of Frequency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frequency:

Sentence/Example of Frequency:

This comes as fight frequency leaguewide has tapered off over the years and nosedived over the past decade.

The researchers thought higher storm frequency might shape where lizards evolved to have better grips.

The researchers pinpointed the frequency of radiation needed to make the atoms take the leap, which is equivalent to finding the size of the gap between the energy levels.

The pattern of waves, called a chirp, would increase in frequency over time.

Generating and transmitting them is difficult and expensive, requiring special lasers, and even then the frequency range is limited.

The frequencies we’re using in 5G initially don’t penetrate buildings very well, if at all.

The amount of “Faraday rotation” depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the frequency of the light.

The frequency of the content you create should align with the goal you’ve created in your overall content strategy.

For example, when making waves on a rope, it takes more energy to make a higher frequency wave.

Spectrum — the radio frequencies that wireless signals travel through — is a limited resource.