Timing [verb]

Definition of Timing:

calculate, judge

Synonyms of Timing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Timing:

Sentence/Example of Timing:

One of Senator Crane's priceless gifts was a sense of timing.

Carefully he regulated the speed, timing their revolutions accurately.

I have not till now alluded to any imperfections in the timing apparatus.

Parachute, capsule and timing device were of good workmanship.

The heart be submissive, and content to leave the measure and timing of them to Him.

As a result of timing so well, we got several worth-while trophies.

Someone tampered with the timing device that controls the feeding of the charges.

This timing and grading are done for us by our bodies without our having to attend to it.

Vanderbank, who appeared to have been timing himself, put up his watch.

Olivia (timing as she reaches cabinet, up L.), Who's Mr. Pim?