Dials [verb]

Definition of Dials:

tune to desired position

Synonyms of Dials:

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Sentence/Example of Dials:

Facebook's new moves to dial back the volume of political content in users' news feeds represent the latest lurch in the social network's erratic handling of its role as the world's digital public square.

Before, the majority of people would be in a conference room somewhere, and others would dial in.

By consciously checking in with yourself, you can better home in on what triggers bad feelings and decide what activities to avoid or dial back in the future.

The temperature dial allows precise control of heating and uses a simple turn on-and-off design for ease of use.

Rather than force his own offense, Green has dialed up his dimes to new levels.

Too many have come to believe that government, can control the course of the economy by cleverly turning a handful of dials that have been installed in the basement of key agencies in Washington.

Here are three ways the travel industry plans to dial it back going forward.

He plans to continue dialing in the approach to make it practical.

She dialed up a former Spiders football player living in the area named John Hurley and gave him her best pitch.

Dial it backThe simplest way to stop yourself from going too far is to think about how much you want to use a particular effect, and then consciously dial it back somewhere around 10 to 20 percent.