Orange [noun]

Definition of Orange:

combination of red and yellow

Synonyms of Orange:

Opposite/Antonyms of Orange:


Sentence/Example of Orange:

Mr. Milbrey glanced at the two shells of the orange which the butler was then removing.

"With just a dash of orange bitters in it," another might add.

How could they turn from me to orange frapp or salted almonds?

The flash of orange, the blaze of red, the gleam of green, were what she needed.

It was like slipping on a bit of orange peel in the dark and breaking your leg.

And above it waved the changing flames of red, orange, yellow, blue.

But she did not mention that it was at the corner of Orange Street, which makes all the difference.

The nose and pads of the feet are dark, and the eyes are orange yellow.

There are the tigers also, the brown tabby, and the orange and white.

The orange, or yellow, and the black with amber eyes are also prize winners.