Ticker [noun]

Definition of Ticker:

clock worn on body

Synonyms of Ticker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ticker:


Sentence/Example of Ticker:

He'd just taken it off the ticker when we found him in Fouts's place there.

The crowd surged about the ticker, and their voices came as from afar.

“You might give me credit for returning your ticker,” she said in abused tone.

A knot of gentlemen are chatting about the ticker; some more are watching the board.

But, no doubt, the most significant object in the office was the ticker.

Again the ticker buzzed like a mad hornet, and again the devil's teeth snapped.

I say, Bill, I've got his ticker: pull his precious nob off!

I had to wait till he sobered up before I give him his ticker.

About a ticker only the three or four lucky ones can see the tape.

The spinning tack-tack of the ticker was always in his ears.