Noon [noun]

Definition of Noon:

the middle of a day

Synonyms of Noon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noon:

Sentence/Example of Noon:

Numerous lamps were lighted in the trees, making the gardens bright as noon.

At about noon we found some water in a gully by scratching a hole, but it was quite salt.

There is a coolness amid all the heat, a mildness in the blazing noon.

The slave-hunter was sent for and came with his pack of dogs that same day about noon.

They loved the trees for the shadow that they cast, and the forest for its silence at noon.

It was a Sunday, and we got to the place about noon, for we started early.

She did not see him in the morning, but at noon she encountered him in the hall.

If you come and get me out of it by noon tomorrow, I'll go with you.

All these things shimmered and flickered and wavered in the mirage of noon.

If it is hot and he has started early, his water bottle is empty by noon.