Pendulum [noun]

Definition of Pendulum:

something used to measure heaviness

Synonyms of Pendulum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pendulum:

Sentence/Example of Pendulum:

But we cannot set up a pendulum to swing at the pole of the earth.

It had no effect upon the cries; no pendulum could be more regular.

Swinging went the pendulum in the window, and the wind roared in the chimney.

I need hardly say that I never set the pendulum swinging again.

Let them be what they might, the pendulum should wag, and have a fair chance of doing its best.

I kept the pendulum in the closet I have mentioned, and never spoke to any one of it.

He laughed so heartily that I told him the whole story of the pendulum.

The pendulum clock appears to have been an invention of the Middle Ages.

Then the pendulum swung to the other side, from rest to motion, from Xenophanes to Heracleitus.

The pendulum of that thing used to work fine, but the hands wouldn't move.