Counterweight [noun]

Definition of Counterweight:

something giving balance

Synonyms of Counterweight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Counterweight:

Sentence/Example of Counterweight:

The counterweight may be tied up, thereby opening the damper.

The counterweight may hence be lessened at pleasure, if the height of the pressing water-column n be increased.

Without this counterweight, how false would be our final summation of the evidence upon most of the great state trials!

But Ballantrae was afraid of a more efficient captain, who might be a counterweight to himself, and he opposed this stoutly.

The operation of any of these governors is usually controlled by the tension of a spring, or by a counterweight.

The enormous block of stone came down heavily, slowly, because of the counterweight, but with irresistible force.

The lighter's near tanks were then emptied, and her outer tanks were filled with water, which thus acted as a counterweight.

The door, with pulleys and counterweight for easy handling, is fastened steam-tight by hinged bolts.

The other end of the wick is attached to a free counterweight which serves to keep it stretched.

At each end of the furnace there is a cast-iron door, which slides up and down in an iron frame, and is poised by a counterweight.