Stoic [adjective]

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The Poecile was a portico; portico in Greek is stoa, hence the name of Stoic.

Epictetus, one of the ablest of the Stoic philosophers, was a slave.

The last was the highest flight of Stoic philosophy about marriage.

He is a stoic and a fatalist by nature, but an emotionalist as well.

I am not a stoic, and I have never attempted to appear in that character.

But I reconciled myself to the inevitable, and bore up like a stoic.

In the boy's smile had been the whole of stoic doubt, of stoic acquiescence.

Sextus of Chaeronea, a Stoic philosopher, nephew of Plutarch.

The Stoic system of physics was materialism with an infusion of pantheism.

Tears were something of which her stoic Indian nature was incapable.