Loamy [adjective]

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That night another loamy nook was found, clothed with a little thin grass, but waterless.

There is no stone in the district, nothing but rich loamy clay, alias mud.

The top-spit earth from an upland pasture, loamy, friable, and well reduced; 3.

The soil was rich and loamy, and the road we travelled was moist, and in some places very heavy for our waggon.

The loamy soils are especially adapted to corn, stock raising, and dairying, and they are largely used for these purposes.

The more loamy soils are better for corn on account of the possibility of more thorough cultivation.

The more loamy phases are adapted to corn, but the type as a whole is a much better wheat land than corn land.

The soil and subsoil, though quite loamy, retain enough moisture in seasons of moderate rainfall to supply all growing crops.

The land is one of the best corn soils of Loudoun, being loamy and easily cultivated throughout the growing season.

No less difficult and dangerous are the steep declivities over loamy soils, which are frequently met with in these districts.