Lifeboat [noun]

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We’ve patched together a little lifeboat in this vast sea of students, spread over the world.

Often, far too often, all the force of lifeboat service on that coast is insufficient to meet the demands on it.

The drama, as far as the Gull-Light was concerned, ended that night with the disappearance of the tug and lifeboat.

This is the east pier watch-house; the marine residence, if we may so express it, of the coxswain of the lifeboat and his men.

Without her powerful engines to tow it to windward of the wrecks the lifeboat would be much, very much, less useful than it is.

Slipping the cable once more, the lifeboat gallantly dashed into the thickest of the fight, and soon got within hail of the wreck.

Only five of the lifeboat men, called harbour boatmen, keep watch in and around the little stone house at nights.

The hawser was slipped as he spoke; the lifeboat was hauled slowly but steadily to windward up to her anchor.

It was the Broadstairs lifeboat, which had already done good service that night, and was bent on doing more.

He concluded by praying that a kind Providence would continue to watch over and bless the Ramsgate lifeboat and her crew.