Joker [noun]

Definition of Joker:

person who kids, teases

Synonyms of Joker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Joker:


Sentence/Example of Joker:

What joker thought that would be a good name for an exploring ship I can't imagine, but it always happens that way.

A talented cartoonist, distinguished practical joker, and recognized as one of the kings of bon mot, he led a free and easy life.

The Joker got the best bed, as good-humoured, good-natured chaps generally do, without seeming to try for it.

I was eighteen, and I had been for a long time looked upon at the lycee as a sly practical joker.

The joker appears in the third paragraphs from the end—​Fellows Syrup of Hypophosphites.

Albion was "consid'able of a joker," Mr. Peaslee reflected gloomily.

Albion Small, who was "consid'able of a joker," suddenly choked.

Sam Clemens, himself a practical joker in his youth, found a healthy delight in this knock-down humor of the Comstock.

That night some practical joker exploded a bomb, and the people thought that Burr's army was firing on them.

This time it came home to Bibi-Ri: and my little joker absolutely reeled under it.