Wretch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wretch:

Often he cursed himself as a wretch for paining that pure and noble heart.

While my brother and sister Mr. Solmes'd him, and Sirr'd—yet such a wretch!

As to that wretch's perseverance, those only, who know not the man, will wonder at it.

"You may have known me as Ahmed Antoun," said the wretch, not dreaming of that slip he had made.

I wonder not that the wretch is said to love you the better for it.

What a wretch must I be, if, for one moment only, I could lend an ear to such a proposal as this!

I know that this wretch will, if he can, be his own judge, and mine too.

Wretch that I was to harbour that detestable idea for a moment!

She was a wretch, and he this time thought himself for ever cured of his passion.

Scott Gholson was the only one of us who could give that wretch that title.