Villain [noun]

Definition of Villain:

evil person

Synonyms of Villain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Villain:



Sentence/Example of Villain:

I never in my life saw any harm done by a villain; I wish I could.

He so humble, so aged, so loth to take our money—and yet a villain and a cheat.

The villain from whom I hired the outfit said it was complete.

And do you remember what I said to that villain, Jack Malyoe, that night as his boat went by us?

Well, if all they say is true, the villain has robbed one of his own best friends.

I had talents—you would not fancy it—but once I was neither a fool nor a villain!

He is my uncle, but he is a villain, and has done me wrong.'

He has only put four windows in, the villain, and spoilt it!'

Doubtless each believed the other to be the villain that he called him.

The villain who set those fires--you know who he is, I hope.