Offender [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Offender:

And yet, if the law is strictly interpreted, the offender is liable.

Eve knew that the offender had been there too, but she had too much prudence to betray him.

"Command the offender to quit your ship instantly," said John Effingham firmly.

In this case their duty was to turn the offender out at the door.

The babies looked upon the back of the offender as shown in the picture.

The offender must not be found out; decency, if not morality, must be respected.

But if the offender be a citizen, he must be incurable, and for him death is the only fitting penalty.

The case is heard and the offender, if shown to be guilty, is punished.

In the olden days, the offender himself was often compelled to ride the stang.

"You've got a heap to learn yet, George," said Red Huggins, shaking his head at the offender.