Wrongdoer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wrongdoer:

One would have thought he was the wrongdoer and not the wronged.

And where the law cannot touch the wrongdoer, God, who is the author of law, can and will punish.

The first thing we owe to the wrongdoer is to give him his just deserts.

Punishment is a favor to the wrongdoer, just as bitter medicine is a favor to the sick.

Woe be to the wrongdoer who triumphs in such a case as this!

It is, of course, essential that the wrongdoer must be the defendant's servant.

So he is a wrongdoer, with Gately, and—probably, with Rodman.

It is certain that the wrongdoer at one end proves the existence of wrong at the other.

Love should have but one punishment for the wrongdoer,—that is, forgiveness.

But he is the wrongdoer, and he will never be sent to Ceuta or Tetuan.