Malefactor [noun]

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Moreover, regulation won’t work without tight enforcement, which means criminal charges when necessary even — especially — for the most powerful malefactors of great wealth.

He was heartened, and went about the ship looking less like a malefactor doomed to execution.

The companion in crime of this malefactor, and his companion also at the gallows, was named Darby Mullins.

When this notorious malefactor was brought to trial, he was convicted on two indictments, and received sentence of death.

THIS malefactor appears to have suffered for a crime as savagely ferocious as it was deliberate.

This extraordinary malefactor suffered at Maidstone on the 6th of April, 1758.

THE charge against this malefactor was that of sending intelligence of our naval affairs to France during the time of war.

In fact, the mildest malefactor may have a whole mountain to himself without any demonstration of violence whatever.

It has frequently, from some accident happening in strangling the malefactor, produced the horrid effects above related.

The women had come running out of their houses, and each of them had some accusation to bring against the malefactor.