Felon [noun]

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Activists have scrambled to help ex-felons pay those penalties and re-enfranchise as many of them as possible.

In Florida, the Gutting of a Landmark Law Leaves Few Felons Likely to VoteState officials don’t know how many felons are registered or eligible to vote.

The idea for the pledge came to him as he read coverage of Mike Bloomberg’s effort to pay the debts of former felons in Florida, whom the state had prevented from voting if they owed it money.

She declined to give a current number of people flagged as felons.

He also hired a convicted felon to review and collect attorney fees of hundreds of poor defendants in Cumberland County.

The man hovering around the officials, holding a small needle in his gloved hands, was a convicted felon turned serial entrepreneur named Kyle Hayungs.

Dozens of cases that could affect voting rules are wending their way through state courts, including ones that govern how mail-in ballots are processed and whether felons are able to vote.

He added ‘that he had rather live as a felon or a rebel than adventure his undoing for the Queen.’

Amongst the prisoners taken was Wolfe Tone; who soon afterwards in order to avoid a felon's death, ended his life by suicide.

"Ay, wench—in that sure prison which felon never breaks from," answered the Countess.