Scamp [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scamp:

Go to your bedroom; and if you turn out a good-for-nothing and a scamp, it is no fault of mine.

I was a scamp—but a frolicsome scamp—and that is always a popular character.

She could only trust to his being a scamp as her only hope of escape.

He ought to have played the scamp; he should have acted in concert with the Rougons.

"I'm looking for that scamp of a Marjolin," replied the artist.

I saw that lawyer and I found out about—about the other scamp.

And I only wish I had my fingers this minute in the hair of the scamp that gave him the liquor.

Some scamp had filched it from one of the churches and was trying to sell it.

I wonder what she would have said if she had known that I was the 'scamp' that troubled her so much Monday.

“That was a clever trick we played upon the scamp,” said he with a smile.