Heroine [noun]

Definition of Heroine:

brave woman

Synonyms of Heroine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heroine:



Sentence/Example of Heroine:

Back in Nome, as the families of Maurer, Crawford and Galle clamored for an investigation into the men’s fates, Ada became something of a celebrity, hailed in the press as a heroine on par with Robinson Crusoe.

Virgil stands for empire, too, but he’s also an interesting riff on a classic gothic trope, which is for there to be a sexual attraction tinged with violence between heroine and antihero.

If the outbreak had been a movie, this would have been the scene where the heroine mobilizes an all-star squad of specialists to save the planet.

These new fiction releases are oddly compatible tales of gritty heroines on long-haul journeys in a natural world on the brink of destruction.

Besides, when he hears it's for that real heroine of a kidnapping story everybody was talking about, he'll be willing enough.

Mistral enumerates eight dramatic works treating the life of his heroine.

But the reward for virtue, which frequently fails to make its appearance, waited upon our heroine.

Who then can wonder that our young heroine should begin to think herself of more consequence than she really was?

The little girl heroine adds another to the list of favorites so well known to the young people.

This woman was in every respect a perfect heroine, and worthy of her illustrious father, René, King of Sicily.