Imbecile [adjective]

Definition of Imbecile:

stupid, foolish

Synonyms of Imbecile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbecile:

Sentence/Example of Imbecile:

In his youth, however, though too imbecile for study or for business, he was not incapable of being amused.

He just wrote things, things that he thought were adequately imbecile, and shot them into letter-boxes.

Good people, especially good women of the old type, would all counsel the imbecile sacrifice.

Imbecile children are to be kept in the workhouse till they are five years old, and may then be sent to the asylum at Darenth.

You, poor imbecile, who carry under your hauberk four relics blessed by the Pope!

He was the imbecile who stopped in Cincinnati and mailed you the bloody shirt to throw you off the scent.

The populace is an imbecile flock of sheep, now steadily patient, and now in ferocious revolt.

Many days passed away before I would admit to myself that this unhappy creature was a hopeless imbecile.

He never developed any dangerous vices, but was simply childlike and imbecile.

Walbridge leant across the table towards her, his face almost imbecile in his open-mouthed amazement.