Imbecilic [adjective]

Definition of Imbecilic:


Opposite/Antonyms of Imbecilic:


Sentence/Example of Imbecilic:

I suppose we must accept some of the more imbecilic aspects of your warped genius.

He, Hunter, was the one who deserved execution for ever entrusting anything so important as the message to an imbecilic animal.

The idleness of the imbecile is always imbecilic, but the dreams of a poet have spells that enthrall.

If stimulated by association with girls, he makes crude and imbecilic plans for conquest.

It needs no argument to show that all the rest of his conduct in leaving things as he did was imbecilic.

Moral strife, as well as legal penalties, would bear all the stigmata of unmitigated, imbecilic cruelty.

The intricate and imbecilic steps of the day he performed in flawless sequence.