Jones [noun]

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Mr. Jones swung round a large iron key he held in his hand, and light dawned upon him.

To know, to love, and to be loved by such a man as Burne-Jones was a supreme blessing in his life.

But the ill-natured people were quite wrong; it was not Messrs. Jones who paid Mrs. Charmington's bills.

Why use dangerous cosmetics when Jones' soap retains youth and health for the complexion, and fosters the development of beauty?

Ill-natured people said that Mrs. Charmington owed a great deal to Messrs. Jones.

When the machinery had been stopped, it was found that Mr. Jones's arms and legs were macerated to a jelly.

"If you can answer that question Theophilus Jones will give you a cigar," replied my brother.

So when he met Mrs. Jones, he doffed his hat in his usual lordly manner, and paused when she came to a stop.

Jones shewed us a road that took us a quarter of a mile below Watertown bridge, as we did not chuse to go through that town.

John Tubbs was one day doing his sums, when little Sam Jones pushed against him; and down went the slate with a horrid clatter.