Convenance [noun]

Definition of Convenance:

routine, usual procedure

Synonyms of Convenance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convenance:

Sentence/Example of Convenance:

Nevertheless, since she married—as girls in France do—not to please herself, but her parents, she made a mariage de convenance.

He was thinking of this marriage de convenance he must make, of this bride he must one day take home to England.

Of course I shall have to marry one day or other, but I'm afraid it will be what the French call a mariage de convenance.

This mariage de convenance brought no happiness to the parties concerned, and ended in completely crushing the unloved wife.

It was a mariage de convenance—there'd been no wooing, no winning.

There had been no suggestion in their many tte--ttes that they were about to embark upon a mariage de convenance.

Ibsen is in favor of the mariage de convenance, which suppresses, without favor, the absurdity of love-matches.

"It would be nothing worse than a mariage de convenance," said Uncle William.

I can't bear to think of any one so lovely doing anything so sordid, so miserable, as making a mariage de convenance.'

Mine is, if you like, a mariage de convenance, in the sense that Gerald is a poor man and cannot marry unless he marries money.