Duties [noun]

Definition of Duties:

responsibility, assignment

Synonyms of Duties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duties:

Sentence/Example of Duties:

All through the sad duties of the next four days Felipe was conscious of the undercurrent of this premonition.

On some future occasion I may suggest how you may successfully perform your duties in your new position.

Michael Allcroft returned to his duties, tuned for labour, full of courage, and the spirit of enterprise and action.

"Then he neglects his duties, that's all," replied the old gentleman with an indignant snort.

That is a very flimsy pretext, so that the fiscals may not perform their duties faithfully against the governor.

Births, marriages, and deaths were also made liable to duties by the same Act.

By doing so the natural parents lose all personal rights and are relieved from all legal duties.

It sometimes happened that Ki Pak, in performing his official duties, was obliged to make long journeys to various parts of Korea.

His duties as Pipe-master, Hennemann discharged with great fidelity; yea, even with genuine fanatical zeal.

The bank did not employ him to steal, but to perform the ordinary banking duties.