Inconveniently [adverb]

Definition of Inconveniently:


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Sentence/Example of Inconveniently:

Not having a toilet isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also really dangerous.

Already time-strapped and stretched to their limits, working parents minding kids at home simply cannot afford to put up with meandering check-ins, inconvenient call times, and back-to-back Zoom tête-à-têtes, they say.

Because vegetables and meat are heavy and inconvenient, they often get left behind.

While having to remain tethered to an outlet might be inconvenient, you’ll have enough power for even the longest days.

For most people, being in lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus has been an effective, if inconvenient, way to protect their health.

Well, and some other inconvenient happenstances stalling the testing process.

But even in the last section below it, the choice of a way should not be inconveniently restricted.

They were most inconveniently placed, nearly four feet apart; but we were able to climb them, and to look down the shaft.

Petitions were then frequently forwarded to Washington, with a request to have it remain divided, as it was inconveniently large.

And they were so inconveniently arranged that often eight or ten persons slept in a single room.