Touchiness [noun]

Definition of Touchiness:

anxious state

Opposite/Antonyms of Touchiness:

Sentence/Example of Touchiness:

It is chronically troubled with "the disease of touchiness."

However that may be, you shall never be able to reproach me for touchiness.

Allow me to tell you, that your petulance and touchiness are almost incredible.

Their touchiness, their affectation, their lack of culture—all are inherent in them.

As to San Francisco's "touchiness" upon the subject there is this much more to be said.

There was a simplicity in the man which would have disarmed a touchiness even more youthful than mine.

The desert regions of the West seemed always to breed truculence and touchiness.

The touchiness of that official does credit rather to his zeal than to his judgment—and, besides, he is obviously no humorist.

It is a newcomer in the literary world; and it has the self-assertiveness and the touchiness natural to the situation.

His touchiness upon the subject of his own benefactions remanded her pleasurably of Reifferscheid.