Jitters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jitters:

Within five minutes everybody aboard had the galloping collywobbles and the twittering jitters.

The whole earth had the jitters because of the apparently inevitable trial of strength between its two most gigantic powers.

All the elves were done working, now cozy in bed, While Christmas Eve jitters danced around in their head.

Comes out and sits on the side lines to watch practice quite often, and he gives me the jitters.

The police might tell her she had been seized with a plain case of jitters.

Ive had the jitters ever since those fellows got away again.

But all this didn't justify a case of jitters in the "basket room."

Miss Prudence added whimsically, “I beg your pardon for knocking Jitters that way.”

In a few more minutes, Jo Ann was steering Jitters out of the village and into the road which led to the mine.

“Jitters is a picture now,” Peggy remarked on coming out to the car.