Sensitivity [noun]

Definition of Sensitivity:

responsiveness to stimuli

Synonyms of Sensitivity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensitivity:

Sentence/Example of Sensitivity:

Is it connected with the phenomena of exteriorization of sensitivity or motivity?

But how can a magnet increase the sensitivity of a vacuum tube?

Valentine Mitchel was, however, a young man of some sensitivity.

In vers libre his musical chances are but in sensitivity and invention.

There are several factors that determine the sensitivity of the method.

Don't imbed the crystal in solder as the heat destroys its sensitivity.

Don't handle crystals with your fingers as this destroys their sensitivity.

Every synapse sagged under the increasing load of sensitivity.

You have its most familiar form in the sensitivity of the blind.

Verlaine's gaminerie which was ever in contrast with his sensitivity, awakened suddenly.