Creeps [verb]

Definition of Creeps:

crawl along, usually on ground

Synonyms of Creeps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creeps:


Sentence/Example of Creeps:

Similarly, the miniature’s ability to reflect and, simultaneously, distort our reality can give us the creeps.

It creeps into every detail; it infects the minutest affairs of life as well as the greatest concerns.

A cold doubt creeps into the experimental mind of Aristotle, with all his learning and his logic.

The more I think about it—why, if Millie hadnt got the creeps and run away, Inga never would have known where we were.

How Shylock—how the old Jew with his inexorable pound of flesh-worship, creeps up in every section of human society!

But when the fight is done, and darkness creeps around, he stretches forth his limbs in the tent and calls for love.'

Still hesitating as to our next move, we stand there in the white glare, while a sensation of strange unreality creeps over us.

I know myself no more; my heart it flutters, And here about it creeps unwonted chillness.

The plant is only a foot and a half high, and it creeps on the ground.

We can take you where you can find everything that creeps, or flies, or runs, down in the Lumisana forest.