Floater [adjective]

Definition of Floater:


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Sentence/Example of Floater:

During the second half, Graham found space in the paint and sunk an easy floater, his first career basket.

With pressure in his face, Roethlisberger shuffled and threw a panicky floater over running back Benny Snell’s head.

Then all of a sudden the blue and yellow floater went under and little Hepzebiah caught a sunfish, too.

I been along the waterfront long enough t' know that th' lad that picks up a floater gets a reward o' ten dollars from th' city.

I see Page did remember,—or perhaps she is a born floater, just as she is a bubble maker.

This Harriet made by a puzzling “floater,” a slow ball that fell in the opposite court far out of reach.

It is as a floater that he excels in water sports; he rides the waves more lightly and gracefully than any other creature.

This fly is a very good floater and an excellent fly when trout are feeding on those small insects.

It was just that Nat hated farming; that he liked to rove and take a floater's fortune.

No doubt, if you looked at it from a certain angle, Bertram might be considered to have made something of a floater.